Ladakh is located in the North-Eastern part of Jammu & Kashmir state in India; it is a remote Tibetan plateau, primarily Buddhist and Tibetan in its culture and in a very clear contrast to rest of Kashmir, indeed to the rest of India as well.

In this region there is a long narrow valley known as Zanskar even more isolated than Ladakh. Little Tibet, The Moon land and The Last Shangri-La are the alternate names for Ladakh; Himalayas are the most effective barrier to rain. A very few clouds creep across their massive height and as a result this land is barren beyond belief, The Plants and green belt are near the rivers that carry water from glaciers in the peaks of the Himalayas.

This area is connected to rest of India by a 434 km road from Srinagar , passing through Zozila pass with a overnight stop at Kargil , the first village after the Zozila is Drass the second highest, coldest habited place , Kargil was once an important trading post. It was from here that one could turn south to Zanskar or go to Ladakh, en route to Leh one passes through village Shergol which is the dividing line between Muslim and Buddhist areas.

Around Leh are the Age old Buddhist Monasteries and two highest motorable roads in the world the Chang-La Pass (17586 ft.) the Khardung-La pass (18400ft) the crystal clear water lakes, Pangong, Tsmori, Tsokar etc with breath taking views.